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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your program hours?

Our program is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am – midnight.

  • Are you licensed and properly insured?

Yes, our program is licensed and inspected routinely by the State of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Yes, our program carries liability insurance by Nautilus Insurance Company.

  • What kind of experience and training does your staff have?

Each one of our staff members have been trained and certified in Child abuse, Communicable disease, First Aid and CPR. Our staff takes professional development 8

Staff experience can range from a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education, to 1- 3 years working with young children.

  • Can I check on my child during the day?

Yes, we have an open-door policy for all families. We encourage you to drop in or call anytime. We would like to be as transparent as possible with families. Visiting is a plus for all. Helps parents understand that we take pride in the work we do and parents can trust that our staff are always professional and respectful with their children.

  • Does your program accept state vouchers?

Yes, our program accepts vouchers, and private pay as well.

  • What is the teacher to child ratio?

Our teacher to child ratio for each age group is different. Given that we are a 5-star rated program through Step Up to Quality our ratio numbers are low. Gives more individuality for each child in the program. Ratios are as follows:
Infants 1:4 or 2:8
Toddlers 1:5 or 2:10
Preschoolers 1:10 or 2:20
School-Age 1:15

  • Are meals and snacks provided?

Yes, we provide two meals and a snack, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack

  • What security measures do you have?

Our program is fenced in around the entire playground. All visitors must enter the entrance of the program to gain access. Your child’s safety is one of our greatest concerns.

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