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Open Positions

- Lead Teacher (1) Full Time

Help children meet their goals and milestones according to the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards. Through personalized instruction each child can work at their own pace to meet their goals.

Lead teacher job descriptions are as follows:

  • Create lesson plans

  • Individualization plans

  • Plan intentional activities

  • Manage classrooms and behaviors

  • Formal and informal observations

  • Mentor teacher assistants

  • Conduct parent teacher conferences

  • Administer assessments

  • Administer screeners

  • Engage in play activities with the children on the floor when necessary

  • Eat meals and snacks with the children

  • Keep all children safe at all times

- Assistant Teacher (2) Full Time

Assist lead teachers in all of the above duties. The assistant will become a primary caregiver for half of the children in the group. This means the assistant will be responsible for making sure all paperwork, goals and milestones are documented and observed for each child within their primary group. Keep all children safe at all times.

- Substitute Teacher (2) Part Time

Substitute teachers will fill in when a lead of an assistant is off. The job will descriptions are the same as above. However, the subs will not be required to administer assessments, screeners, conferences, mentoring, lesson plans, individualizations or create lesson plans.

- Floater (2) Part Time

These teachers are those that will fill in whenever anyone of the above teachers is not available. Floaters also remain in some classrooms to help maintain ratio for any classroom.


Floaters will not have to do any of the above duties except eat with the children, engage in play activities, keep them safe.

Staff Application Form

You can apply online or download the application form and submit in person

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